Jimi Tenor

The world of Finnish phenomenon Jimi Tenor is like an Esquivel production of Cabaretstarring Kraftwerk -- with a blaxploitation soundtrack orchestra. But that doesn't even begin to describe the peculiar margins of music Tenor strides through. His first releases were strangely confined to Sahko Recordings, a magical Minimalist Techno label out of Finland. He has since moved to Warp and other major label associations, but his connections with artists like Mika Vainio (of Pan Sonic) make a peculiar sort of sense. His tracks are dry, sparsely rhythmic and angular, but create a Kraftwerk-esque/so-stilted-it's-funky vibe. He produces the demure alienation of early Gary Numan with the emotional release of Prince under the subdued sounds of organs and warm, lounge horns. In theory, all this cross-pollination is pretty absurd, but Tenor brings it together with a jazz cool finesse.